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  I started Prana Matters  to share my personal experience with Master Choa Kok Sui 's teachings and introduce people to Pranic Healing - an advanced form of energy healing which is very effective to help improving one's physical, emotional and mental health. As a skeptical software engineer by trade, I never thought one day I'd become an energy healer. I discovered Pranic Healing by chance , and as these teachings continue to improve my life at so many levels, it is my mission to use and spread them in order to help other people with transforming their lives as well. My vision is to do my share of contribution to elevating the consciousness of humanity and to be an active player in the implementation of Master Choa Kok Sui 's Great Vision , stated in The Origin of Modern Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga  book. It begins with  producing one Pranic Healer for every family. Since I first started in 2011, I remain a perpetual student committed to spiritual growth
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Learning Pranic Healing

"Everyone has the innate ability to heal and relieve pain." – Master Choa Kok Sui Here's my quick guide on how one can learn Pranic Healing effectively and efficiently. Classes Taking the Pranic Healing Level 1 class from a certified instructor is by far the most effective way to learn. This weekend-long, hands-on workshop combines a balanced amount of theory and practice, allowing the student to develop enough confidence to start practicing on their own. It's quite likely you won't need to travel too far to take the class, as it is currently being taught in more than 100 countries. One just has to make sure to be taking the class from an instructor affiliated with the Institute for Inner Studies Inc. . For classes in the West Coast and Mid-West, check the schedule at the website. Intros Those who are not yet sure if they should commit to the Level 1 class can attend a 2-hour introductory workshop. In an intro the basic principle

Thoughts from the Quarantine

Pandemic opportunity: Online practice of the Meditation on Twin Hearts with my family. (2020) A decade or so ago one of my professors in the MBA was explaining how the same phenomena may be interpreted as both an opportunity or a threat , depending on how you look at it. To illustrate it, she shared the following anecdote: Two competing businesses in the shoe industry sent one of their analysts to India to explore the possibility of expanding into that market. The first businessman was quite disappointed when he came back: "Forget about India, nobody wears shoes over there." The second, however, came back extremely excited: "We absolutely must grow our business in India: nobody wears shoes over there!" Both businessmen observed the same phenomena. The difference lays in the meaning each gave to their observation. Whilst the first interpreted the fact that people don't wear shoes in that particular country as a threat to their business, the

The COVID-19 Pandemic and the Pranic Healing Response

Seattle (2020) Namaste, everyone. These are challenging times. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread uncertainty and keep millions of people all over the world isolated in their own homes, we are also seeing the multiplication of acts of compassion and kindness which bring hope and faith. In particular within the Pranic Healing world, many practitioners have been increasing efforts to use their skills to help those in need. "If you have a skill, you have an obligation to help." -- Master Choa Kok Sui Distant Pranic Healing Distant Pranic Healing enables practitioners to apply healing techniques remotely. This means healing sessions can continue to be scheduled as usual, helping to alleviate the pain and accelerate the healing process of those in need, while simultaneously avoiding any chances to increase the spread of the virus through physical contact. Don't hesitate to  contact me  or any reputable pranic healer you know if you would like to

The "F" word

Lake Louise, Canada (2019) 'How to let go of anger and resentment?' I recently stumbled upon this question while randomly browsing an online forum. The person mentioned that years ago someone made up a rumour about him/her and to this day he/she is still in a lot of pain about it. "Use the 'F' word: Forgiveness " , I said. The power of forgiveness cannot be emphasized enough. In this post I will briefly share some practical info on why and how to forgive. The mental understanding of the reasons one should practice forgiveness, allied with the practice of the proper technique make an amazing combination one can use to develop long-lasting inner peace and healing on multiple levels. Why to forgive? It is widely acknowledged by healthcare practitioners of today that emotions play a big part in physical health, even though most of the practitioners themselves do not fully understand the mechanism behind it. From the energetic standpoint, Master

It is in giving that we receive

I remember long ago hearing stories about this distant cousin who claimed his prosperity was a consequence of the regular donations he had been making for years. It was not uncommon for him to encourage people to give away up to 30% of their income! "Easy for a multi-millionaire like you" , I would think. Today I wish I had considered his track-record and learned this lesson earlier, as it goes way beyond material and financial prosperity. Fast-forward a couple decades, there I was on the phone catching up after so many years with that friend who had just recently introduced me to Pranic Healing. I remember telling him the story of a person who had been quite nasty to me - at least in my opinion back then - and to my surprise, instead of doing what all my other friends had done by reinforcing my victim mentality, he simply said "unless and until you forgive this person for what they have done to you, you will not have peace" . Of course, I didn't like t

An Inevitable Trend

Having my copy of Dr. Chopra's book autographed (2019) I recently had the privilege to watch Dr. Deepak Chopra talk about his most recent book, Meta Human - Unleashing Your Infinite Potential . A medicine professor at some of the top universities in the United States and author of several best-sellers, Dr. Chopra is well known for his studies on spiritual health, the mind-body connection and blending Eastern philosophy with Western medicine. Listening to him reminds me of Master Choa Kok Sui's quote on the union between science and spirituality , a trend He deems to be inevitable . "At the present moment, science sometimes seems to be incompatible with spirituality. What we call science is actually physical science. What we call spirituality is actually the inner sciences or sciences not dealing with the physical world. The process of the union between science and spirituality is already in progress. This can be seen in the field of quantum physics merging with

"I'm interested in practicing meditation, where do I start?"

More and more frequently people approach me with this question. Interestingly enough, asking it back in 2011 was what launched me into my Pranic Healing journey. I was then introduced to the Meditation on Twin Hearts , a simple but powerful technique I still practice on a daily basis as it continues to enhance my life. This is the technique I'll be sharing with you in this post. The  Meditation on Twin Hearts , given to us by Master Choa Kok Sui, is a precious teaching. But no matter how many words I use in an attempt to convince you of that, you will only truly know after experiencing the benefits for yourself. It's one thing to understand a subject  intellectually . It's a much deeper thing to understand it from  personal experience . In a nutshell, the technique consists in forming the intention of projecting energies of peace from your hands to the planet Earth for a few minutes, and then relaxing the hands on your lap while mentally chanting a mantra and f

From skeptical software engineer to Pranic Healing teacher

Update on July, 2020: Get the updated version of this article published on Marlene's Sound Outlook magazine! I discovered Pranic Healing by chance, about 9 years ago in Brazil, where I'm originally from. As a successful software engineer for almost two decades now, I used to be very skeptical about life energy , spirituality and esoteric teachings , and would hardly consider studying anything that was not fully endorsed by western science. One day I stumbled upon an article featuring a Harvard research on the benefits of meditation and became very curious about it. It was early 2011, so as a "New Year's resolution"  I decided I would learn to meditate and figure out for myself if that was something I could use to improve the functioning of my brain, my memory and my emotional control. Little did I know that so much more would come! I was lucky to know the perfect person to point me in the right direction on these matters. This childhood friend of min

Meditations and meditations

A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine shared an 8-minute video on "neuroscience and meditation" . The speaker, a renowned neuroscientist and long time practitioner of Zazen , mentioned the existence of thousands of studies on meditation. She brought up potential advantages and drawbacks of practicing and, although she ultimately recommends the practice of meditation, she concluded that the measured effects are usually mild. I told my friend that in my opinion the woman's points were quite shallow. The bigger problem lies on the generalized definition she makes of the term "meditation" . That's just as vague and imprecise as putting "Michael Phelps' olympic workout" and  "an old person's 10-minute daily walk through the corridors of a hospital" in the same bucket labeled  "physical exercise" and then attempting to arrive at precise, meaningful conclusions applicable to all. Not all meditations are created equal.