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A Skeptic’s Journey to Pranic Healing

I discovered Pranic Healing by chance, more than nine years ago in Brazil, where I’m originally from.

As a successful software engineer for more than two decades, I had always been very skeptical about anything that was not palpable or fully endorsed by western science.

After stumbling upon an article featuring a Harvard study on the benefits of meditation, I decided I had to give it a try. So I reached out to this genius childhood friend of mine who simply told me to take a Pranic Healing Level 1 class, and so my journey began.

I registered without thinking and barely read what the class was about, so I had no idea what to expect of this weekend-long work- shop. Perhaps some new age, hand-holding, “let’s get together and feel all right” kind of thing? It couldn’t be farther from that!

In a Pranic Healing class the human energy anatomy is taught very methodically and with a high level of detail. We learn about the 11 major chakras (energy centers), their physical and psychological functions, plus practical and powerful no-touch hand movements to remove energy blockages and improve the quality of the energy flowing through a person’s body. Ultimately, a Pranic Healing session can lead to an accelerated rate of self-healing, sub- stantially improving the quality of one’s health, both physically and emotionally.

As cool as this may sound, my engineer’s mind instantly rejected it all. I even considered not returning for the second day of class, but there was something inside telling me to “finish what I had started”. Besides, on the second day we would learn the Meditation on Twin Hearts, my main goal from the very beginning.

After the class I was still unconvinced, but my friend then encour- aged me to validate by myself what I had just learned. His chal- lenge: practice that meditation on a daily basis for about 1-2 months and make my own conclusion, for “disbelieving things without experimenting” is just as unscientific as “believing things blindly”.

It didn’t take long for the benefits to start to show. In just a few weeks of practice, I had an outstanding experience, very hard to put down in words: I felt an amazing sensation originating from my crown and flowing down through my whole body – I later learned that’s what is called “bliss” in some traditions.

Other than this fantastic episode, I started to notice an increasing sense of inner peace and emotional resiliency, making a positive impact to most of my activities and relationships. It was clear the meditation was somehow rewiring my brain. When there was no more doubt that these teachings were “the real deal”, I contacted the local Pranic Healing center and signed up for of all the classes they offered. I had to see how deep the rabbit hole would take me! The rest is history...

Today, these teachings continue to permeate my life on all levels, helping me become the best version of myself I’ve ever been, with more intelligence, loving-kindness, and willpower. Out of gratitude to Master Choa Kok Sui, it is my greatest pleasure – and moral duty – to share Pranic Healing!

I’m currently an Associate Pranic Healer and have my private prac- tice. I also help organize events in the Seattle area, like introductory classes and meditation nights.

If you want to learn more about Pranic Healing or about my journey, don’t hesitate to reach out.

I’ll be happy to help you realize by yourself how these amazing teachings can improve your life to levels you had never imagined before!